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There are a few things you should know about me (Lisa) and why the patterns are what they are:

  • I needs projects that are easy to put down and pick back up after an interruption (the phone, helping customers, etc.), so most of these patterns are repetitive. They often look difficult, but once you figure out the stitch or pattern repeat, they tend to be easier than they look.

  • I try to write the directions so that a beginner is comfortable stretching their knowledge base. So if you are an advanced stitcher, some of the information may seem quite basic to you.

  • For some reason, maybe it's the binary nature of knitting (knit, purl, knit, purl, purl, purl, knit), even though I prefer to crochet, most of the patterns are written for knitters. However, if an event requires a pattern (like a shop hop), I try to make a version of the pattern in both options or at least offer both a crocheted and a knit pattern.

  • I likes cowls and "shawlettes" and I wear them often. They frequently require about as much yarn as a scarf, are portable, and a great way to learn, practice, or show off a stitch.

The links will take you to a link on (if it's not a free pattern) or the pattern itself.  

Also, most of my patterns are free. Here's why:

1. They are often more like fill-in-the-blank templates and I'm not comfortable putting a price on them

2. I know not everyone can afford to purchase all the patterns they want to use.


But I still put a lot of work into each one and I try to make them easy to follow. So if you'd like to support me, you can "Buy me a cup o'tea". It's not a real cup of tea (I know that's confusing with Wunderbar right next door), but rather a few dollars to support my pattern writing. It's not required. I'll continue to offer many of my patterns for free, but if you feel that you'd like to support my "habit", you're now able to, simply click the "Buy me a cup'o tea" button below.

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