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Darn Yarn Needles and Thread
253 Mercer Street, Unit D
Harmony, PA 16037
724-473-0983 (voice only)
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday & Thursday 10 am - 7 pm
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
We host open Stitch & Bitch Groups twice a week:
Tuesdays 10 am - 12 noon(ish)
Thursdays 5 pm - 7 pm(ish)

Closed until May.

~ Due to the mandatory shut down of all non-essential businesses in PA, our shop is temporarily closed. Please follow us on social media for updates.

It’s a strange, strange world we live in right now, isn’t it? Is it too much to ask for a boring year? Apparently it is. Sigh.


That being said, I feel like I need to address the situation and let you know how we plan on muddling through the next few weeks of this pandemic.


First, let me assure you, I don’t take this lightly, many of my family members and best friends are in the high risk groups, due to age or health issues; including myself.  


I realize Darn Yarn is a specialty shop, that we’re not in the business of providing what most would consider necessities, and as such, I'm not comfortable driving to the shop each day to "check on things", that seems like an unessential trip to me. 


I'm also on the fence about shipping and taking orders, especially with all the information regarding shipping, sanitizing packages, and shipping companies only processing necessities. I realize much of the information is false, but at the same time, I have misgivings about it.


However, like many small businesses, Darn Yarn is, well, small. That means we’re physically small, and have a limited staff - it’s just me and a few volunteers who help out a few hours a week with restocking, cleaning, and general chores. It also means we operate on a small margin, and closing unexpectedly for even a couple of weeks could be financially devastating.


The guilt I feel worrying about my bottom line while simultaneously worrying about the health of those I care about weighs quite heavy on me. Staying open feels selfish, closing brings me to tears (literally). However, now that we're under mandatory stay-at-home orders, it feels as if the decision has been made for me. 

Darn Yarn will be closed until May.

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Keep on Stitchin’   

Welcome, Darn Yarn is a small community oriented local yarn shop that carries supplies for crocheters, knitters, spinners, and weavers. We're here to encourage creativity through the fiber arts.

Darn Yarn carries books, needles and hooks, notions, spinning wheels, small looms (table top or smaller),wool and fiber, and of course yarn! We do our best to source American Made when ever possible.


We offer groups, classes, workshops and events too.  Please see the Classes and Events page for more information about them.


You're always welcome to stop in, pull up a chair, and work on your current masterpiece or ask questions.  We'll do our best to help.

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