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Yarn & YouTube: The Woolies Interview

So you've made your tea or coffee, and you're just about to sit down and begin stitching away, when you realize you should probably check your sub box for a new episode from your favorite podcasters. Fiber arts podcasts are basically TV shows for crafters. I never binge watch actual television shows, but I have probably watched a million hours of people talking about their WIPs and FOs. A podcast I religiously watch is an unlikely pair from our own Steel City - The Woolies. Our two hosts, Hayley and Bryanne, are not only two of the most uplifting and supportive women I have ever seen, but also bring unique personality and aesthetic to the fiber arts community. The amount of genuine appreciation for what the other does, not only makes you feel good about what you're crafting, but also makes you want to spread the love.

Instead of me trying to explain who The Woolies are, I think it would be much more helpful to just let them speak for themselves! Take some time to read below on what they have to say about podcasting, yarn, Youtube, and more! Also, make sure you subscribe to their channel - the link is down below!

1: What inspired you both to start a podcast about the fiber arts?

We were both fans of “podcasting duos” and when we’d hang out and craft together, we found ourselves watching YouTube channels and saying “we could totally do this!” It was very important to us to highlight weaving in each of our episodes because it’s not talked about nearly enough!

2: Do you both think since starting the podcast you feel more inclined to always be working on something new just for the sake of having new content?

Each of us has always been pretty consistent with the content we produce - sometimes we don’t even share every single item we make on the podcast for the sake of time! We are crafting (whether that be weaving, knitting, crocheting) every single day.

3: Similarly, does having a podcast make you feel pressured to have a large stash of yarn or supplies?

Bry: No, I always just enjoyed adding yarn to my stash. I normally can’t keep myself from not buying more yarn.

Hayley: I’ve always felt pressured to keep my stash as minimal and intentional as I can. The podcast has connected us with so many talented dyers and from their generosity I have more yarn than I’ve ever had! I regularly go through my stash to rotate yarn and try to use pieces from my stash before buying new yarn.

4: Something that I think The Woolies brings to the wide world of fiber arts podcasts is a new aesthetic. I find that when something caters to my own aesthetic, I tend to resonate with it and enjoy it a lot more. Do you think aesthetic helps or hinders your channel when it comes to audience?

We think our aesthetic helps (for the most part!). We can see how, at first glance, our styles may seem “wacky” and our projects/outfits/themes may not be for everyone. We’ve found that many of our viewers lean towards either one of our styles or the other. To us it is important for non-traditional crafters to have a podcast that highlights the unconventional side of making!

5: Besides the amounts of subscribers and viewers, do you have any future goals for your channel?

One of the downsides of starting the podcast when we did was we haven’t had an opportunity to attend many fiber events due to COVID-19. One thing we really look forward to will be when we can start to meet our viewers in person at our local yarn shows and festivals. We attended the Rhinebeck festival in 2019 (long before our podcast) and we’d love to go again to connect with our viewers!

6: Okay, time for a fun question. What is your all-time favorite yarn? (Dyer/brand/weight/colorway?)

Bry: Handspun yarn from Loom & Thistle

Hayley: Any self-striping sock yarn - I have mostly all black in my wardrobe, but I almost never wear black socks! I love fun and vibrant sock yarns!

7: What are some of your favorite fiber arts podcasts?

The Grocery Girls, Mace of Skeins, The Crimson Stitchery, Creative Collage, The Cat Knits Podcast, The Fiber Artist Podcast, and so many others!

8: What is something that you want your viewers to take away from your channel?

For both of us, our channel is all about being yourself and not settling for yarn/projects/designs that you don’t absolutely love. It’s so easy to find yourself making things because they are trendy or popular - we want our viewers to feel inspired to make things that really speak to their style, even if it’s not what’s “in”! There’s something out there for everyone, and we try to bring these new styles to the forefront of our work to be able to share them with our viewers.

The Woolies YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3BuaeWyKGJj8l8FA4p2ww

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