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The Deadline is Near! #HatNotHate

Hat not Hate, the anti-bullying campaign, aims to raise awareness about how we as fiber artists can offer children and young adults a symbol to show that they are not alone when it comes to standing up to bullies. The campaign was created by the spokesperson of Lion Brand Yarns, Shira Blumenthal, who was bullied as a child. Blumenthal used her experience with a ring given to her by her mother to remind her of her courage, and to realize that she was never alone, to come up with the idea for the blue hats. These handmade hats “represent awareness, peace, and solidarity… [And] blue is the color to wear in support of anti-bullying” (HatNotHate). Remember that it can be in any size, pattern, and blue yarn, as long as it can fit people ranging in age from 5-18 years.

Darn Yarn Needles and Thread has a special connection with this particular charity, as Lisa’s husband has been a teacher for over 25 years. Dave was involved in the Starfish Program, which is his school district’s anti-bullying initiative, so the Hat Not Hate campaign was something that the both of them connected on.

From now until August 1st, you can donate your blue hats in the shop and get your wooden "Hat Not Hate" tag as well as a fiber content tag for $1. Since October is anti-bullying month, the organizers of the campaign will need time to sort the hats for distribution and in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Hat Not Hate released a statement on their website that says, “based on current research from the federal government’s coronavirus task force, the virus is said to have a longer shelf life on hard surfaces like metal and tabletops, and a far more limited shelf life on porous objects such as fabric or cardboard. Based on this information, we do not anticipate any donated hats to be at risk of carrying the virus during our hat distribution period between August and October. There is no existing evidence that the virus would be able to survive on a porous fabric like cloth or yarn for such an extended period of time” (HatNotHate).

If you are looking for something quick to knit that will go to a good cause, definitely check out https://hatnothate.org/ , as there is only a few weeks left to donate.

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