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"Stand in the Gap" : emPower People 2020 Craftivism Campaign

Craftivism is an exciting thing. Something that many people have disregarded as important or crucial to society (for example the way art programs in schools are constantly being defunded), actually has the power to incite unity and change.

Casapinka’s new project, emPower People 2020, “[is] aimed at uniting crafters of all mediums to engage people across communities to spark conversation, engagement and action in the political process to uphold social justice and human rights” (emPower People). The campaign includes three different free patterns that span across knitting, crochet and sewing to ensure that as many people as possible are able to participate in this movement. The only requirement is that the project be done in purple yarn or fabric, and the patterns are simplistic, making this project inclusive to crafters of all skill levels.

Participating in this movement declares that you will vote November 3rd for humanity, family, community, equality, and equity- and that you will continue to be an active voice for marginalized communities.

I think one of the most powerful things we can do as allies, is as GG Made It says is, "stand in the gap" (Youtube). In her YouTube video she explains how people can stand in the gap by not only refusing to participate in racism, but to not even allow it to happen in your presence. The phrase means to be an active and outspoken ally, who not only declares themselves inclusive, but proves it.

"Stand in the Gap" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgC24Z3F57Q&t=1s

You can visit the shop for a printed version of the patterns, as well as a DK weight purple yarn if needed. The patterns are also available on Ravelry, but as it currently is inaccessible to many people right now, we are glad to offer it printed for you in the shop.

Link to emPower People website: https://empowerpeople2020.com/

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(Photo from emPower People website)


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