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PomPom Quarterly and Ecofeminism

PomPom Quarterly’s new Summer Shapes edition holds a heavy focus on the günes, which we learn means 'the sun' in Turkish. The edition juxtaposes the power and femininity of the sun with the ecological damage that the sun causes due to human life on Earth. The excerpt on page 19, for the pattern Delta says, “Like fire, the sun’s powerful rays can be as destructive as they are life-giving. Many of these fires are of human creation…We cannot run this issue about the fiery sun without acknowledging this pain." With this being said, the edition does not make its readers feel sad or hopeless, but rather encourages them to acknowledge that some people's experiences with climate change (forest fires for example) have caused major devastation and PomPom states that they support and recognize these affected people.

Crops and tank tops predominately take over the pages, knitted and crocheted in bright and warm colors. The yarns chosen for these pieces have this perfect blend of pastel and rich, which keeps the garments modern, but also caters to everyone’s tastes. If you are a collector of PomPom you will be so pleased to have this display in your collection – the colors and designs are immaculate and absolutely radiate fun.

This collection of patterns and recipes from female makers conveys to readers the power of unity, and that in the crafting community we root for our fellow makers. The outreaching support from what little excerpts there are radiates from its pages, and during this worldwide crisis, I think a lot of us are missing that feeling of unity. The writers address our collective stress and discomfort of the COVID-19 pandemic and aim to support its readers through this vibrant and visually eccentric edition. On PomPom’s website they state that these magazines, “present knitting, crochet, and craft in the modern, beautiful and meaningful way we’ve always known it should be.”

PomPom's Story :https://www.pompommag.com/story/

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