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With everything happening around the shop, and personally, I realized I hadn't blogged in quite some time, and that it was about time I did so. But then I hesitated, because like the school year, the church/spiritual calendar, and the seasons, it seems as if our shop posts are quite cyclical - it's August, so I should blog about the yarn crawl, right?.

But I just don't feel like blogging about the yarn crawl, even though I probably should. Even in it's 6th year, there are always those who have never heard about it, and there are still questions. (It's a shop hop, that's all. Visit the 11 shops in the 10 designated days. There's a bit more to it, but that's the core idea.) I just don't know how much more I can say about it, again...

But the idea of the cyclical nature of our blogs got me thinking about how tightly our stitching is interwoven with all the other parts of our lives. Vacation? What project can I pack? Back to school? New school? Let's make a school spirit scarf and hat! New baby or child in the family? Let's make something cute. Zucchini growing wild in the yard even though you only planted one vine? Stitching is put on hold until you freeze the zucchini, make bread (and freeze it), or sneak the over prolific veggie onto your neighbors' porch under the cover of a dark and dreary night. Air a bit crisp at night? Time to plan that sweater. Moving? Stash busting and gifting other yarnians takes priority over new projects. Aging parents in the hospital/assisted living? What projects can you work on while waiting or visiting?

Then there are the bigger things - the life stages we all progress through that affect our stitching; things like transitioning into adulthood, new family, empty nest and/or retirement. All of life's changes alter the time we've got available, and the stressors or reasons we crochet or knit. These things are cyclical too. And like many other things, our stitching habits ebb and flow with the changes in our lives.

Yet, even as we ebb and flow through our stitching - working frantically and getting a gazillion projects done one year and zero the next - it seems that few of us ever stop stitching for good. Often those hiatuses, and they can be long, are explained away when we do pick up our needles or hooks again - "I had kids and didn't get much done when they were little.", "I got a new job and just couldn't find the time.", "Taking care of my parent took everything out of me.", "I went back to school.". You get the idea,and may even be familiar with a few of these reasons.

That's ok. We get it. Life is messy and living take a lot of time. Sometimes it takes years, yes years, to make a scarf. And I'm not talking about that WIP (work in progress) or UFO (unfinished object) the Active Stitchers have in their mountainous stash or overflowing storage area. I'm referring to that scarf that sits by one's spot on the sofa and to which one adds a stitch or two every few weeks while other projects go completely un-worked in the hidden recesses of a closet or storage bin.

If that's where you find yourself right now, in that nebulous space between Not A

Stitcher and Active Stitcher, you're not alone. We understand how you can be drawn to the yarn, eager to turn it into something amazing while at the same time struggling to work up even a single row of just a few stitches. We understand how overwhelming it can be to contemplate a larger project while trying to balance all the other objects in your life. We know how oddly guilty that half finished project can make you feel.

We'll let you in on a little secret - that scarf doesn't care that it's taking you years to make it, and neither do we. There are to many other things to fill our brains with worry and stress, don't let your stitching be one of them. Relax. As rewarding as it is to make our own clothes, we don't live in an age where that's a necessity, so stop criticizing your ability to do so. Enjoy the process, even if it takes years to make a scarf.

When you need help picking up where you left off, we'll do our best to help. When you're looking for some encouragement, pop in. If you need a boost to your creative soul, stop in and soak up the color and textures. We won't judge how slow or fast you work. We just want you to keep on stitchin'.

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