Happy Socktober!

While we don't all look forward to the cold, icy, grey and dreary weather of Winter, Fall is something else entirely. For some, it's Pumpkin Spice Season, for crocheters and knitters, it's yarn season! Sure, some of us stitch all year long, but you have to admit, there's something about the cool nights of Autumn that turn our project brains to mitts, muffs, sweaters, and cuffs.

Here at Darn Yarn, we're just as guilty of warm and fuzzy project dreaming as any of you. Big boxes arrive regularly as we try and squeeze more yarn into the cubbies than we should (Herriot Fine and Stargazer were in today's box). We start browsing sweater patterns and plotting our next project(s). We pick up the new colors of old favorites. The sale bin gets a few new additions as we make room for more colors and yarns.

And then there are socks - sandal season isn't quite over for some, but for others, it's time to inventory their hand knit socks and get out the "show off your socks" shoes. Socks are the on-the-go project of choice for many, for good reasons. They're small and portable, and many people can make a pair with out looking a pattern - they've made so many of them. For others, sock knitting is a bucket list project and a few people even learn to knit just to make socks!

Well, we celebrate Socktober by making all fingering weight yarn the yarn of the month. So even if socks aren't your thing, but you love hand dyed sock yarn for shawls, you knit light weight sweaters and tees from fingering weight yarns, or you gravitate towards projects that call for fingering weight yarn, you're in luck because it's 20% off this month!

If you haven't figured it out yet, we do our best not to use the term "sock yarn" when talking about fingering weight yarn because that often subconsciously limits our thinking as to what we can actually make with the yarn. Believe it or not, I often hear, "I crochet, so I don't make socks and don't need sock yarn" - or something along those lines. So let's step out of that mindset. Here are a few things you can make with fingering weight yarn that aren't socks:

"Oh, Gnome, You Didn't" by Sarah Schira is knit using fingering weight yarn minis - or scraps! Isn't is just adorable? Do Gnomes even like being called "adorable"? Stuff it full of something heavy, like beans or marbles, and it would make a great little door stop. (photo (c) Sarah Schira)

Crocheter? The new to us Blossoms yarn from Frabjous Fibers would make an amazing "Lost in Time" shawl, pattern by Johanna Lindahl. This popular pattern is popular for a reason; it's beautiful in a solid, multi colors, gradients, or fades. The pattern can be adapted to any weight yarn too. (photo (c) Mijo Crochet)

Ohhh....and since fingering weight yarns are on sale this month, it's a good time to play with color - either match up a few skeins you already have, or create a new set of colors for a fade project like the "So Faded" Sweater by Drea Renee Knits. (photo (c) Drea Renee Knits).

I found this and thought it was so neat - a stranded color work hat that utilizes solid and gradient or multi colored yarn! The Alaska Hat by Camille Descoteaux would make a great gift as the holiday season approaches and it's a great way to use some of the beautiful solids with out making a giant striped or multi-colored piece.

(photo (C) Camille Descoteaux).

For some reason, I like the gradient yarns for crochet shawls; I keep looking at the Blossoms from Frabjous Fibers (fingering weight gradient yarn) and thinking "Virus"! If you aren't familiar with the "Virus Shawl" it's a free pattern (chart) that's highly addictive and can be worked with any weight yarn or hook - you simply work it until it's the size you want.

These are just a small sampling of the possibilities out there for working with fingering weight yarn. We found all of them on Ravelry, but don't hesitate to check your/our magazines or books for ideas as well - especially the "One Skein Wonder" series or summer issues of magazines (they tend to have projects that are lighter weight).

Pop in before the 31st to take advantage of the 20% off. And if you need some more ideas, we're always willing to browse patterns with you. 😉

Keep on stitchin'!


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