"Are You Open Today?" ❄❄❄

Like everything in life, there's often a cycle to our posts... New Year resolutions, our anniversary, spring festivals, summer closures/schedule changes, fall festivals, holiday closures, and today's theme - winter weather. Yep, we've already seen some of that dreaded white stuff, and the mercury has fallen. We've also already had those "Are you open today?" calls. (FYI- photo above is from 2018/2019 winter, and not recent.)

While I could simply cut and past last year's post about our winter weather policy, what fun is that?

Our Winter Weather Policy is a bit long-winded, but at it's core it's pretty simple. See, I live half an hour away, in a different school district, and oddly, a completely different weather system?! Anyone who's lived in our region for a few winters knows how weirdly territorial our storms can be. I've been known to pull into the parking lot at Darn Yarn with 3" of snow on my car's roof - while there is none, and I mean, not even a dusting, of snow anywhere to be found here in Harmony.

So, in a nutshell, if both Butler and Seneca Valley are closed due to precipitation, I'm not driving. And my best guess is that you aren't either. If only one of the two is closed, we will open approximately one hour late. (This can get complicated if it's Seneca that's closed. But we'll worry about that if it happens.) If either or both school districts are closed due to temperature related issues, we're open as usual - which is why we specify due to precipitation above. 😉

Then there are all the other winter issues - we have been known to close due to broken furnaces, frozen pipes, and the like. But those are unknowns and we can't really write a policy regarding them. So if anything like that happens, we'll simply post we're closed because of it.

Which brings us to the "How will we know if you're closed?" bit. We try to post closures to Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter, and Instagram. So if you don't already follow us on one of those sites, please do so; or at the very least, check them when you're questioning our open/closed status.

As for classes and groups, it should go with out saying that if we're closed, the groups and classes are canceled. When you register for classes we take your phone number, for this very reason! If we need to cancel a class, we try to call everyone and let them know. However, if it's a sneaky storm and takes us by surprise, I won't have the class roster with me at home. So please check the four sites above, or call us, and if we're closed, classes are canceled.

We do our best to reschedule canceled classes, but sometimes that doesn't work out - so refunds will be given for those who paid in advance if you can't make the rescheduled time. (Please note, refunds are only given for classes that are canceled due to shop closures/ instructor cancellations. If you forget and are a no-show, no refunds are given, so make sure you mark your calendar when you register for a class!)

As for early shop closures...they do happen, but not very often. And when they do, it's usually due to weather. We try not to be a ninny, but sometimes, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we're open until 7, the weather turns quickly when the sun goes down. Again, if you've lived here for more than a few winters you know how true this is. How many of us have gone to take out the trash or let the dog out and open the door to a layer of ice or snow that wasn't there just a few minutes ago?

I can only remember closing early once last year - the weather here in Harmony was clear, but there was a storm in the forecast for later that night. I went into the wood shop to get something out of the fridge and one of the guys back there stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said, "What are you still doing here?! Go Home! I just came down from Slippery Rock, and the roads are terrible!" So that's what I did. I put a sign on the door saying I closed early, locked up and headed home.

Let me tell you, I didn't think he was crazy, for telling me to go home, but I did start wondering how localized that storm must have been. That is until I got to one of the traffic lights, about half way home. On my side of the intersection, the roads were dry, the air was clear. But across from me, the cars sitting in the lane opposite me at the light were covered with snow, and in a complete white-out. I couldn't even make out how many cars were at the light! It was like driving through the sheet of water at a car wash, there was an actual edge to the storm. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe it.

So if you're in doubt, check our social media sites or give us a ring (we only have a landline, don't bother texting us.) In the meantime, we're here to help you stock up and plan those projects for the days when none of us want to, or can't, go out.


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