The #hatnothate Project & DYNT

Have you heard? Darn Yarn is a collection location for the #hatnothate program! We're pretty excited about this; and it's really pretty simple - make a blue hat, drop it off at DYNT by July 27th and we'll ship it the #hatnothate headquarters where it will be distributed as part of the #hatnothate anti-bullying campaign in schools across the country during National Bullying Prevention Month (October).

#hatnothate is an initiative of Lion Brand Yarns. Last year, 2018, was it's first year, and it went so well, that this year they're trying to grow the program and collect 25,000 hats! That's a lot of hats! A lot! If you're curious (or geeky about things like this, Scroll down the page for an updated donation counter!) This year, Lion Brand is working with Stomp Out Bullying to bring awareness to the impact that bullying has on all of us. On their website, they explain that "STOMP Out Bullying™ is dedicated to changing the culture for all students. It works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, and other digital abuse, educates against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism and hatred, and deters violence in schools, online and in communities across the country"

My hubby has been teaching Seventh Grade for over 25 years! Over the years he's often participated in the district's anti-bullying programs, as a presenter, chaperone, DJ, or facilitator. If you have kids in your life, and even if you don't, you know how different things are now than they were when phones were still attached to the wall and computers were only used by businesses and in institutions of higher education.

Now that we can hold our social lives in the palm of our hand, and social media has become a thing some of us could never have dreamed of, it's become much easier for everyone to keep in constant contact with one another. This has it's perks - like being able to keep in touch with physically distant relatives. But, it also makes it easier for bullies to act more aggressively - often because of the degree of anonymity they feel social media gives them. Bullying affects more and more of us every day, and it can often feel like bullying has replaced baseball as our national pastime.

Also, there's been a lot of buzz recently on various social platforms about racism and discrimination in our beloved fiber community. It's been nagging at our soul and tugging at our heart, how do we address this as a business? Racism, discrimination and bullying often go hand in hand, and none of them have a place in a yarn shop. I mean really, all we care about is that you love yarn. But when we're physically located in a very, very, homogeneous area, it's difficult to figure out how to express this, and how to express it well.

So when I heard about the #hatnothate collection for 2019, I thought, "That's a charitable stitching project I can support!" #hatnothate seemed like a good way for us to address two issues that, as mentioned, often go hand in hand, and that right now are weighing heavy on our heart. Kids that learn to respect and show compassion to those who are not like them grow up to be respectful and compassionate adults. Anti-bullying awareness can help with this. And awareness comes with people sharing their support of the cause.

Not that any of the other causes we've heard about recently have been any less important, as a matter of fact most of them also hit us hard, emotionally. It's just that oftentimes, we find them so overwhelming or time sensitive, that we just can't seem to get organized fast enough to participate. But we've got a few months for this one, and many of us can crank out hats, have a favorite hat pattern, or often "just make a hat" when we don't know what else to make.

To help inspire you, we've ordered a few extra shades of blue, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Let us know when you make your purchase that the blue yarn will be used for your hats and it will be discounted 10%.

Make a blue hat, drop it off. It really is that simple. But I know you still have questions.

Q: What shade of blue? Why Blue?

A: Blue is the color of this cause. Blue represents awareness, peace, and also solidarity. If it's blue, it works. Don't think to hard about it. It just needs to be blue!

Q: Does it need to be knit or crocheted.

A: Either. Stitcher's Choice.

Q: What kind of hat?

A: Any. Pick your favorite hat pattern and go to! Seriously. It just needs to be a hat. If you need some help, there are some pattern suggestions here.

Q: What size? They're for kids, right?

A: Almost any size! Hats will be given to people aged 5 and up. They should fit a wide range of heads, generally 14" - 20" circumference works.

Q: Does it need to be a certain fiber or yarn?

A: No! Any fiber is acceptable. They are asking that you include a small tag with the fiber content so the recipient knows how to care for it, and so the hats can be distributed accordingly, should someone have a sensitivity/allergy. Think about it, it might be nice to include a short little, "Made with 💙 just for you" type sentence on the note too.

Q: When do you need them by?

A: July 27th - So we can ship them to the collection center by the Aug. 1st deadline. If we get to many hats to fast (YES!) we'll make multiple shipments prior to the date.

Seriously, here's what you do:

1. Make a blue hat.

2. Drop it off at DYNT by July 27th.

Specific information found in this blog about the programs and organizations were taken from these listed sites (logo and photos (C) Feel free to browse them yourself if you want more information about any of them.

lionbrand - hat not hate info

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