We'll be here when the weather clears.

I try and put this blog off as long as possible every year... but after last night’s storm, it appears that Old Man Winter has arrived, and boy did he piss off Mother Nature. Which means it’s time to remind everyone of our “Winter Weather Policy”.

Let’s start with some personal info that you need to know when understanding why our policy is the way it is. I live 15 - 20 miles from the shop. And, as you might know, here in Western PA, a lot can happen in 15 miles, weather wise.. Thanks to the many hills, valleys, and waterways, our weather patterns can be a bit scattered. There have been times, in previous winters, when I’d arrive at the shop with 3-6” of snow still on the roof or hood of my car only to discover that the shop had only received a dusting. Or vice versa.

Those miles also cover two different school districts, Butler and Seneca Valley (SV). Which if you ever follow school closings can be quite interesting too. Because of the weather patterns, neighboring schools can have different delays or closures; especially when dealing with cold temperatures, energy, heat or water issues.

Now let's talk about the actual weather. If you’ve lived around here for more than a year or two, you also know how the weather patterns have changed over the years. We could get anything from ice storms, blizzards and subzero weather to a balmy 45f over the span of just a few days.

Sure it makes for great crochet/knitting weather, but it also tends to mess up everyone’s non-yarn related plans. Not to mention our wardrobes are large since we never really put away a season’s worth of clothing. You never know when you’ll need snow boots, an umbrella, or a sun hat around here. (Which is why I love wool...but that’s a whole other post.)

Taking the distance and weather patterns into consideration, the policy we came up with is as follows:

1. If BOTH Butler and SV are closed due to precipitation, Darn Yarn is as well.

2. If one or both are delayed or closed due to precipitation, Darn Yarn will open roughly one hour later, at 11 am.

3. If one or both are closed due to low temperatures, we are open as usual (unless the cold weather causes issues with our building, like frozen pipes or broken furnace, or our cars won’t start - but these are the exceptions and we’ll post them on social media).

If we’re closed on the day of a scheduled class or group, that class or group is canceled. We’ll try to notify any class participants and reschedule. If we are unable to reschedule, refunds may be given. This is why we take your phone number when you register for a class. Please note, however, I don’t take the class rosters home with me every night, so please call the shop if you are uncertain if we’ve canceled the class. Again, I try to post things like this on social media so you can always check there too.

Should the yuck happen on a Saturday, we make the decision based on the drive and conditions at both ends. If bad weather hits midday and there is a class scheduled or it’s an evening when we are open late, we will contact the class participants and post our early closure online.

We try to post our closures on social media - Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter. But please remember, that’s if we’re able - just this morning we didn’t have power, heat, internet, or telephone at home, so I wasn’t able to post anything until I got to the shop. So if you are in doubt, and we’re silent on social media, please call us!

Basically, we want everyone to be safe. So you ran out of yarn for your project? Chances are pretty darn good that you’ve got more yarn stashed away somewhere in your abode to start a new project. You really want to start a new project and don’t have the right yarn? I’m pretty sure it can wait another day. Just finished something and need some inspiration? That’s what Ravelry and Pinterest are for when you can’t get to a yarn shop.

Meanwhile, if the weather outside is frightful, stay inside with your yarn. We’ll be here when the weather clears. We’ll have the porch shoveled and salted. To quote a famous advertising campaign, “We’ll leave a light on for you.”

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