Classes? Groups? Patterns? Yes. Yes. And, Yes.

We frequently get asked the same questions.

"Do you do classes?"

"Do you know if there are any knitting groups in the area?"

"Do you have any patterns?"

Hopefully, by now, you know the answer to these questions. But if you don't, hopefully, you'll find your answers here.

Classes? YES! But you knew that, right? If not, check out our listing here. We try to keep this up to date, but time sometimes gets away from us. If in doubt, please call us and ask! Also, most classes and workshops require registration, so you'll need to call or visit us to do that if you wish to attend. We ask that you register 24 hours prior to (the day before) the class for which you are registering. This allows the instructor time to gather supplies and materials. C/KALs (Crochet or Knit - a - long) get listed here too because they are "groups" that aren't ongoing, but instead have a scheduled start and end date, these often don't require registration.

Knitting (or crochet) Groups? Again, the answer is YES! We have weekly and monthly groups - including one for spinners! They can be found listed on the same page as the classes. If you're looking for a fun group of peeps to laugh with you at your stitching mistakes, talk about your day, or get away from the family for a few hours for some "me time" consider joining us for one of our groups. If you missed the blog a few months back about our groups, check it out here.

As for the pattern question, that's a tricky one, but you probably know the answer to it too. We do have a number of books, but they tend to be themed and "how-to" formatted, i.e. "Modern Baby Crochet", "101 stitches" and "Knitting Shetland Lace".

We also carry a number of Interweave magazines, including "Handwoven" and "Spin-Off". Magazines are a great reference, because they try to stay up to date with the current fashion and stitching trends. FYI- instock back issues are 25% off!

And yes, we have individual patterns available too. A few of them are scattered around the shop, with the yarn for which they are written. Others are in that green crate in the bottom right of the bookshelf in the photo.

These days, however, most of you are using Ravelry or other internet sources for you patterns. I completely get it! I get most of mine from magazines or Ravelry and I use books to learn or expand my techniques. Isn't it great how our pattern resources have grown exponentially the last few years? But the online options can frustrate many of you too, because many people are wary about online transactions and therefore hesitant to purchase patterns over the internet, and I can understand that too.

That's where the option of an in-store pattern sale on Ravelry comes in! If you find a pattern you like on Ravelry, check it's purchase information in the upper right side of the pattern's page. If it has the "buy In-store" icon, you can purchase it at Darn Yarn! We handle the online transaction for you. You pay us, we print the pattern for you.

You will also receive digital copies, incase you need to reprint or reference the pattern later. One digital link will be sent to your e-mail address, and one digital copy is added to your Ravelry Library. (I'm assuming that since you found the pattern on Ravelry, you have an account ;) ) Having it in your Ravelry library is great because you can reference or print it later without having to remember where it is in your email account, and if the designer updates it for some reason, you'll be notified of the update!

Not all patterns have the buy in-store option. Free ones for example; they're free, so you don't need to "purchase" anything and there shouldn't be any money related transactions. Many e-books don't offer this option either, because printing an e-publication can be problematic (e-publications are often formatted differently, so they "read" correctly on screen.). And it is a designer's choice to offer this option, not all designers choose to do so.

The only drawback to the buy in-store option, from a customer/shop standpoint, is that I have to have my computer at the shop to do an in-shop purchase for you. Most days I do have my computer here - I take the laptop home on Saturday and bring it back on Tuesday, or at least I try to, but there's always that Tuesday morning when I haven't had my tea yet, and I leave my lunch and the computer on the table by the door of the which case, I just bring it in on Wednesday.

If you didn't know the answers to any of the questions that opened this blog, I hope you do now. Check out the class schedule, join a group, and please, if you're hesitating to purchase a pattern from Ravelry, check for that icon! We'll gladly help you with your purchase - so long as I was properly caffeinated when I left the house on Tuesday.

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