Don't Park in the Creek!

With the warmer weather comes opportunities for the community to party, and Harmonites like to party. But that means that our already precarious parking conditions get even more confusing. So I feel like it's time to once again explain our parking options in detail.

Below is a map of the regularly available parking in Harmony. The yellow stars indicate the prefered parking lots for Darn Yarn.

If you notice there are 2 shades of blue and two types of parking indicated on this map. Please keep in mind that the Business Lots are just that, lots owned and maintained by the businesses they belong too. Please respect that and don't park in those lots if you are not visiting those businesses.

As you can also see, there is actually a fair amount of public parking available. (That big blue stripe in the upper right is the Connie-Q creek, don't park there! ) This map isn't to scale, and it may look as if the public lots are quite a distance away from where you want to be. But look again, notice this map is only 4 blocks long! If you ever visit the Strip District - or any shopping district in a city, attend a professional sporting event, or a county fair or larger fiber festival, it's likely that you'll have to walk pretty far to get from your car to the event or business you're planning on visiting. I google mapped it, it's just about 300 feet from Darn Yarn to the public lot by the railroad tracks on Spring and German Streets. Three hundred feet. There are probably some Big Box Store parking lots that are larger than that.

What about those starred lots? Obviously one is the lot in front of the shop. Yes, it has a tendency to fill up and be unpredictable, that's because we share it with a coffee shop, and their patrons tend to either grab and go or sit for a bit. And that's ok. We have additional parking behind our building. You access it by Astor Lane (not named on above map). You can find Astor Lane by turning at the hand painted "Parking" sign across from the Harmony Inn or 2 buildings down (Healing House and Private Residence) from our front lot.

Once you're behind the Center of Harmony, please keep in mind, that there are still a number of private residences with property along the Lane. You may park in the grass behind the building, there is a sign indicating this (photo below). Park between it and the tree line. Do NOT park to the right of the sign or block the beige garage next to it. This garage is private property and is in use. As are the parking spaces next to the Pavilion/Old Green House attached to Darn Yarn. Just as you wouldn't want your driveway or garage blocked, neither do they.

To get to Darn Yarn from the rear parking, simply walk around the Pavilion/ Old Green House. Yes, you'll feel like you're on private property and in the wrong place. But there are stepping stones there to lead the way.

If you park in what is commonly referred to as the "Weavers' Cabin Lot" - the public lot on Astor Lane with the yellow star - it's probably easiest to walk to the sidewalk on Mercer Street and wander down to us. But if you like green spaces, feel free to meander down Astor Lane and walk around the Center of Harmony.

Please remember, this information isn't just useful during events and busy weekends in Harmony. We can't predict crowds, so if you are questioning availability in the front lot on weekday, the rear parking is available then too!

If you want more information, visit the Harmony Business Associations web page.

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