May Flower color in Pima Kuri Cotton

We're solidly into May, which means we have a new Yarn of the Month - Pima Kuri by Mirasol.

This is a DK/ light worsted weight 100% cotton yarn. It comes in hanks of 100g / 3.5 oz; 208 yards. The recommended gauge is 20 sts/ 4" using US 6 or 12 - 17 sc on US 7 to I9 hook. It's machine washable, and available in some great Spring and Summer-y colors.

This is a popular yarn for baby items, from blankets to adorable little jackets and light hats. But don't fixate on just baby items! When I did a Ravelry search, I found projects ranging from knitted knockers to amigurumi, to baby wear, to beautiful shawls, hats, and even sweater like tops. It's a great multipurpose warm weather yarn.

Due to the high number of plies, this yarn appears more cable-like than plied. This feature allows it to create beautiful stitch definition and drape. Again, making it a popular choice for baby blankets, or simple shawls and cowls. Pick a flattering or favorite color, a great stitch and get going! Looking for more drape? Use a slightly larger needle or hook. Want your washcloth to be a bit more "scrubby"? Use a slightly smaller needle or hook to create a denser fabric.

Being 100% cotton, blocking won't make your piece bloom like some other fibers might, but blocking will enhance your finished piece. I find that cotton and cotton blends benefit from gently blocking. Think about your favorite button down shirt or your sheets. Improperly dried, they tend to crease and wrinkle funny - often requiring steam ironing (Ok, so I don't iron my sheets, but I know people who do, and those funny wrinkles are why!). The same hold true for your crocheted or hand knit cotton items. A gentle blocking tames the yarn, removes any creases that may have happened during handling of the piece while you were working on it, and it can really makes the stitches pop.

As if the colors available in Pima Kuri weren't enough, we also carry Pima Splash. This is the same yarn, speckle-dyed! So you can always supplement you solid with a pop of fun, or vice versa. Just keep in mind that the Splash version isn't on sale this month.

So stop in soon, especially if you've been thinking you need some fun cotton yarn for a project in your queue. Pima Kuri is 20% off during the month of May. It's hard to pick a favorite color, so be prepared to deliberate!

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