Join Us! We've got groups.

"I'm looking for a nice group of ladies to knit with."

"Is there something like a quilting bee for knitters?"

"I often see groups of ladies at the ________ (fill in with your choice of public location) knitting together. Do you do anything like that?"

"Do you know where I can find a knitting group?"

If I had a dollar for every question related to knitting or crocheting groups I've been asked, DYNT could have expanded a long time ago. That's not to insult anyone who has asked similar questions lately, but rather to illustrate just how misunderstood knitting/crochet groups are.

Remember your school days, when it was so easy to find others with similar hobbies? Like technology and media? There's an AV or computer club. Want to be a writer when you grow up? Join the literary magazine or school newspaper. Play tennis? Join the tennis team.

But what happens after school - when you need to enter the real world? Those specialized clubs tend to fade away and become harder to locate, while our needs for a creative outlet, stress management, and companionship doesn't fade.

You might find an athletic club or organization that hosts basketball tourneys or a tennis league (if those are your thing). The local library might hold regular book clubs for those bibliophiles in the area. You can probably find some fun classes at the local community college too. A knitting or crochet group is a great place for those who stitch to find that same sort of camaraderie one might find in an organization centered around another craft, talent, or sport.

Knitting and crochet groups sometimes have cutesy names, like knit-n-natter (my personal favorite, something about the way it rolls off my tongue) or stitch - n - bitch. But regardless of what they are called, they are at their core, simply a designated time for those who love to knit or crochet to gather and work on projects while spending some often much needed time to decompress from their non-yarn related life.

DYNT hosts two regular groups each week. The first one happens on Tuesday mornings at 10 am. The second one is on Thursday evenings and begins around 5 pm. Both run until the last person leaves. Sometimes that's promptly 2 hours later. Sometimes the morning group runs well into the afternoon or the evening one runs late. And that's ok!

Our groups do not require registration, fees, or regular attendance. You don't need to have a certain level of expertise - as a matter of fact, groups are a great place to expand your knowledge. There are many techniques and methods that you might require a full class to learn. But there are also those for which you just need a nudge and a tip or two to give a go. Groups are a great place to get the encouragement needed to try a new stitch or method for which you have the learned knowledge but have yet to put into practice.

For some reason, most of the time when I'm asked about groups, the person is a knitter, but we don't care if you knit or crochet - or even spin or weave for that matter. DYNT's Groups are open to anyone who wants to get out of the house to work with yarn in some form.

So if you're unsure about if a group is right for you, if you want to hang out with others while working on your latest project, it's for you. Sure it can be a scary thing, to just "show up" at someplace new and join a group. But I assure you, you're welcome to join us! Please do show up. We've got tea. Sometimes we've got munchies. But we always have fun, and quite a few laughs. If nothing else, you can laugh at my growing pile of WIPs and the mess I make each week.

Tuesday 10 am - noon (or later)

Thursday 5 pm - 7 pm (or later)

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