Product Spotlight: Queensland United

March's Yarn of the Month is Queensland's United, it's 25% off through March. United is a blend of washable wool and cotton, it comes in 50 g cakes/ 251 yards.

As a wool lover, I also like most wool blends because you still get the benefits of wool, but it's somehow enhanced. And in this case, the cotton makes this an amazing yarn for areas like ours - where Mother Nature's mood swings teach us to dress in layers and to accept that we shouldn't bother having seasonal clothing storage.

Why is this yarn great for days when you scrape the ice off your windshield in the morning and head home wearing sunglasses and driving with your windows cracked open? It's warm and cozy, yet lightweight. The wool is temperature and moisture regulating, while the cotton keeps you cool.

Also, being fingering weight (2), unless you carry it doubled, anything you make with it will naturally be light weight too. And again, with our weather, we all know how great that is when you're layering or accessorizing.

This yarn is also eco-friendly - it's organic, which is why we decided to give it a go at DYNT. Why does that matter? Because as more and more of us are developing contact dermatitis (skin allergies), it's becoming more and more important for some of us to pay attention to the chemicals that come in contact with our skin via our clothing! It also means that fewer toxic chemicals have been used in it's making from start to finish.

And, did you catch that one little word in the earlier description - it's machine washable! Another added bonus for many of you.

I think this yarn would make a great baby blanket! It's soft, lightweight, warm, cool, lower in toxins, and machine washable. It also makes great hats and cowls, wraps, or scarves - for the same reasons. What about a t-shirt style top? It would likely wear in like your favorite T! How about a shawl for those Summer adventures that end in an overly cold air-conditioned building.

So far my experience with this yarn has been great. The recommended gauge calls for US 3 - 5 (3.25-3.75mm) knitting needles and US E - 7 (3.5-4.5mm) hook. I knit tight, and used a US 4 to make a hat for a friend who will need a way to keep warm while enjoying lots of sunshine. The finished hat is soft and comfortable. When I use this yarn again, I'd likely lean towards at least a US4, but that's me.

For a crochet project using this yarn, I'm using a H/8 (5mm) hook. Larger than the gauge they recommend, but I also crochet tight, and didn't like the swatch using the smaller hook, it make the yarn feel "stringy", not soft; the H/8 kept the yarn soft and light.

So if you haven't yet been in to see this yarn, it'll be around after March, but why not check it out now? The colors and inspiration just might help you believe Spring will get here!

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