What's in Lisa's Bag?

Stitchers don’t seem to go very far without their project(s). Sometimes it’s a purse doing double duty, with a small project tucked inside. Sometimes is a small additional bag with all they need for their work. Other times it’s a large tote housing multiple projects - because we all know that you can’t always work on that project when there are distractions.

I take note of what others are toting around in their bags, and I’m often quite surprised. Some seem to have managed to use an undetectable expansion charm as successfully as Hermione Granger; while others have nothing more than the project they are working on and the needle/hook required for it.

I tend to tote about quite a few office supplies in my bag - highlighter, pen, pencil, sticky notes, mini notebook(s), full sized notebook, and a clipboard. It’s likely that many of you use apps and devices for many of the same tasks for which I use the office supplies. Things like graphing a pattern, noting my increases/decreases, writing out a pattern or stitch, keeping track of rows and my place in a pattern.

I have a tendency to experiment and create patterns based on stitches I come across or new techniques I learn, so I use a notebook to write down the stitch or technique, work out it’s use, and even write up a pattern or notes about a design for a future pattern. But this isn’t something everyone enjoys, so I don’t think many of you will put a notebook to use in the same way and therefor won’t be toting about a full sized version in your bag. However, a notebook is also handy for noting when you alter a pattern, so you can repeat it if needed. It’s also handy for writing notes about recommended patterns, books, and websites when you don’t have a device nearby to look things up immediately.

In addition to that one notebook, I carry around a couple of other notebooks. Why? On a personal note, I love paper - it is still fiber, after all. In addition to the graph paper notebook, mentioned above, there’s a small spiral bound notebook that was a gift, in which I detail my projects. Here I list the date I start and finish it, the name of it, notes about the yarn and needle/hook I use as well as info about the pattern, how it’s working up, etc. Many of you use the Ravelry project tab for this. I like to keep a written version and then will enter all the info into Ravelry when the project is completed. I also have a small notebook for individual pattern notes, this one includes sticky notes. The sticky notes are often stuck to the pattern for which the notes apply so that I don’t get confused by my notes (that’s the idea, anyway.)

You will often find a clipboard in my project bag too. Obviously I use it to read a pattern, but it can also function as a portable desk. Having a flat surface is sometimes handy when I’m not working at a table or desk. If I need to check my gauge, count stitches or measure a small section, having a flat surface available is nice, not to mention a bit more accurate.

Some of the office supplies included in my bag need no explanation, the highlighter, pen, and pencil, for example, are used as you would guess - to mark and write things. And of course there are the stitching specific tools you would assume to be included in my bag - hooks and needles, tape measure, scissors, stitch markers.

What about your bag? Do you carry around an odd supply or two? Anything that you could no longer work without?

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