Yes, we have classes. Or, "Tell us a little about your shop.".

Every day, someone new walks into the shop - tourists, people visiting family, someone with the day off work and they are out exploring; they often say things like "I'll have to tell so-and so." or "How long have you been here?". And recently I was asked to "Tell us a little about your shop.". This took me by surprise, not because it never gets asked, but because I was being asked while meeting with a group of fiber-minded people who were here, in Harmony. So I thought I should take a moment to once again, tell you about Darn Yarn.

If you attend a church or belong to a group that meets regularly, you know the sermons or events eventually come full circle and the themes get repeated. This isn't always bad, as we often need to be reminded of things we may forget, or take for granted. So today I'm going to repeat myself and tell you about the shop. While Darn Yarn often uses "Specializing in American made supplies for crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers, and other fiber arts." to give a concise description, it's pretty broad, so what does it mean?

Let's start with the most oblivious, we're a retail shop. It's the first thing people notice when they walk in the door. We sell yarn. We offer yarn, from lace weight to super bulky, that can be used for crocheting, knitting, weaving, and any other art form that might require yarn. We've got hanks, balls, and even cones of yarn! Even people who don't know what to do with a ball of yarn, especially young children, squeeze, pet, and admire the colors and different textures. And as previously mentioned, we try to stock mostly American made yarns. But you will find a few yarns from a few other countries, most often these items are Fair Trade or simply not available stateside (like silk).

But we sell more than just yarn. We also have knitting needles - double pointed, single pointed, circulars, and interchangeable sets; crochet hooks - wood, metal, and plastic; books - how to's, pattern focused, encyclopedia and dictionary style, fiction, and even fiber related children's books; notions and many of those random tools you need to work on a project; spinning wheels - castle/ upright and Saxony style; spindles - drop and supported; small weaving looms - table top and portable; tools for both spinning and weaving - kniddy knoddies, oil, heddles, shuttles, bobbins, etc.; cotton, roving and wool for spinning or needle felting - because if we've got the wheels, spindles, and felting needles, we should have something to spin or felt, right?; and a small selection of thread for embroidery or sewing. And again, when it's possible, we source these items from American companies and manufacturers.

But we're more than just a retail shop - Yes, we offer classes, workshops, and groups. Our class and workshop schedule is available on this page, and the groups are listed here. Our classes and workshop schedule changes each month, and we try and keep them interesting. Some of the groups are for a specific group of fiber artists - like the Cricket Club (weavers) and the monthly Spin-Ins (spinners) but they are still open for all levels of those crafts, from the beginner to the professional. Other groups are "open" groups, meaning they are open to any fiber related art or craft. All of the groups are simply a time to work with your fiber while socializing with like minded artisans and crafters. Groups are where some of us find most of our inspiration. Inspiration comes when sharing ideas, seeing the ways others have improved on something or altered it, and sometimes just voicing an idea to others who understand the "lingo" and desired outcome.

Along with the workshops, classes, and groups, we also offer equipment rentals. You can try out a spinning wheel, or use one when you're unable to bring yours to a group. You can use a table loom to decided if you really want to invest in your own. We even have a warping board that you may use (only $5 per warp) if you don't own one and don't have the space to use a warping peg to warp your loom - or if you aren't at home and just want to get started now! The list of available equipment and rates can be found here.

Basically, we're striving to make Darn Yarn a local resource for fiber junkies, through providing supplies, inspiration, and relationships with other fiber friends. We hope you'll stop in soon and help us fulfill that goal.

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