Darn Yarn just got bigger

There's been so much happening at Darn Yarn, that I haven't had a chance to blog and fill you in on all the details!

For starters, we turned 7! Seven! I can't believe it myself. For the record, we've only been at our current location for 5 of those 7 years, so if you're thinking, "where have I been, it can't have been that long?" you're partially correct. Regardless, I'm very excited about what the next few years will bring, and I'm very, very, thankful for the regulars that I now call friends, the friends who've supported me the entire time, and the opportunities I've had to learn and push myself.

During the week of the anniversary we had cake, cookies from Two Fraus, sparkling water, a trunk show featuring North American Suri Co., and a sale. Many of you made it out, stopped in just to say "hi", and/or took advantage of the trunk show and sale. Thanks to all who did, and all who came out later because they were not able to that week. (Is it me, or does the cold/flu/bug seem to be lingering this year?).

As part of the anniversary celebration, Darn Yarn's new addition was revealed. Have you seen the new room yet? It houses the spinning wheels, weaving looms, roving, and related spinning and weaving supplies and will be used as a classroom too - as soon as I pick up a few more lamps and strategically place them around the room. But even now, it's a cozy space, and I'm spending most of my time working at one of the tables in it, instead of at the counter. It's nice to have the computer at a normal level on a table and a proper chair to sit in when I'm typing.

The additional space has kept me quite busy over the past few weeks too. Just like a remodel in a home, or moving into a new space, there's a lot of learning involved. How much light, and when, does the window let in? Where are the drafts? What happens when...? Will this fit here? The outlets are where? So we're slowly making the space our own. Not to mention to actual work involved, I still need to stain a few beams and doors, find a countertop, and paint some trim.

And tomorrow is April! April?! Where have the past few weeks gone? The spring and summer schedule are shaping up to be just as busy. Here in Harmony we've got the Herb and Garden Market and The Zelienople Library's Wine Walk. Personally, I've got two weddings to attend, and trip to the Jersey Shore to visit my family and Darn Yarn's schedule is full of interesting classes on everything from working more than just plain weave on a loom, prepping fiber for spinning, and steeking!


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