New year, new classes.

For the new year, we worked on filling the schedule at Darn Yarn with a variety of classes for the winter, in an attempt to keep us all interested, warm, and cozy, during the grey and dismal days ahead. If you can already knit, there are a few skill building style classes coming up - knitting in the round, cables, a stitch sampler, and socks. If you can’t yet knit, that’s on the schedule too, as well as a learn to crochet class.

If you’re interested in learning to weave, we’ve got a lineup of weaving classes too. We start with Weaving 101 on Tuesday Jan. 17th and move into warping a rigid heddle loom in February. The Weaving 101 class is great for beginners and those thinking about learning to weave, as it will cover the different types of looms and weaving, some basic history, and how woven fabrics are made as well as why weaving is such a great fiber art. It will be a hands on workshop, but not project oriented, meaning, you won’t be making a scarf or other project - not yet, anyway, that’s later in the year!

I have a hard time thinking up crochet classes similar to the skill building classes for knitting. This is because I tend to just give it a go when it comes to new crochet skills. While I tend to have the same attitude toward knitting skills, for some reason, the knitting skills seem more necessary to explain or offer guidance. This may be due to how my brain works; or maybe it’s due to the way stitches are made in both methods - crochet only has 1 live stitch at a time and knitting has many. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that I need help coming up with crochet skill building style classes, so please, if you have an idea, or want to teach a stitch, technique, or work through a pattern as a group, please contact us!

There are a few changes happening in the new year too - the book group, Fictitious Fibers, has morphed into “Knitter’s Life List and F.O. Show and Tell”. This new group will meet on the first Friday of every month at 10 am and again at 6 pm (this way it fits into more schedules). During the group, we’ll discuss a chapter of the book “Knitter’s Life List” and show off our F.O.’s (Finished Objects) related to that month’s theme. Think of this as a “Show and Tell” for grown ups - bring your theme related FO’s, WIPs (Work in progress), patterns, or photos of your work.

January’s theme is Yarn, we’ll meet on January 6th -next week! The book is available at Darn Yarn, and each chapter has a “life list” to work through related to that chapter’s theme, we hope this becomes a fun way to learn a little bit more about each of us, our stitching style, and the projects we choose.

Despite the title, crocheters are welcome to attend and the chapter topics are pretty broad, however, just keep in mind that the book was written for knitters, so some things, like the chapter on sock knitting, while still applicable to crochet are not always popular crocheted items. But don’t let that stop you from attending! On the contrary, it just might be an opportunity to show off crochet in a new, fresh, way!

We’re also hoping that 2017 brings a few other changes to Darn Yarn, including more space, new lines, and more classes. So stay tuned, sign up for our e-mail, follow us on social media, and most importantly, stop in regularly - even if it’s just to sit and work on a project without interruption from family or non-stitching friends when you take the day off and don’t tell anyone except your employer.

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