Winter Weather Advisory

I haven’t been paying attention to the weather - I dislike cold weather, so I find it better to just accept that it’s cold outside and not continually check to see just how cold - which means that yesterday’s snow came as a surprise to me. And after my hubby called, he’s a school teacher, to tell me the district was sending kids home early and cancelling evening activities, I decided to close half an hour early and get home while it was still daylight. Sure, it’s not really dark at 4 pm, but if the roads were going to be bad and the trip take longer, I didn’t want to be out in it while the sun was setting and I didn’t think many of you would be out and about either.

This morning when I arrived at the shop, I shoveled the porch, moved the chairs and put the cushions away for winter storage, dusted the snow off the mailbox so the mail lady could open it, and cleaned up the sand I dragged into the shop on the bottom of my boots. All of this normal winter stuff reminded me that I need to remind all of you of Darn Yarn’s winter weather policy. (I'm just thankful it took until December 14th to mention it!)

And please understand, that when we say “policy”, we really mean “guidelines”. That’s one of the advantages of having such a small staff, and small mom and pop shop - when the weather’s bad we don’t need to appease the boss and still get here on time. What that means for you, the customer, is that our policy is pretty loosely based on school closures and the actual conditions.

If Butler Area and/or Seneca Valley School Districts are closed or delayed, we may be too. We say “may be” because sometimes the delay is such that it allows time for the road crews to get out and clear the roads - which means by the time rush hour is over, we’ll have very few issues getting into the shop on time. And in the past few years, some school closures were due to the temperature, and not precipitation. If that is the case, we are usually open - there are the rare instances when the pipes have frozen, or the heat is on the fritz, but in general, we will still be open if the temperature is to blame for the closure.

If you have registered for a class, and we close due to the weather, the class will be canceled for the day. We will do our best to notify registrants and to reschedule for a later date - usually the same weekday and time. If we are unable to reschedule, or you are unable to attend the rescheduled class, shop credit will be issued. If it’s a multiple session class, that session will be made up at a later date - usually by just adding on another date at the end of the scheduled sessions.

Scheduled groups will be canceled. Most of them meet regularly enough that we will not reschedule them - just meet again at the next regularly scheduled time.

If you are in doubt, check Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Or, give us a call, unless we are in the coffee shop, or shoveling the snow, we try to answer the phone.

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