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I know it seems early, but we’re already looking forward into 2017 and working on the class and workshop schedule. Personally, if you didn’t know, 2016 was hard on us, and we’re looking forward to 2017 - in the hopes that it’s a little less emotionally taxing. Mixed in with all that hope is a giddy anticipation about scheduling classes and workshops here at Darn Yarn.

For starters, there’s a rumor that we might have more space in 2017. And right now, it looks like it’s going to be more than just a rumor. Things are moving forward, but we don’t have completion/demolition dates yet, so we’re trying not to get our hopes up, and we continue to schedule classes in a manner that actually allows us to physically have the space to hold a class.

Along those lines, the groups will continue into January. In the past we’ve canceled a number of them and lightened our class schedule in January and February because heat was an issue. So far this year, (keep your fingers crossed) Lisa hasn’t had to wear long johns every day just to stay above freezing! The shop is staying warmer, thanks to some cooperation from Two Fraus and some work by our landlord, Josh. That means, that if the trend continues and the shop stays toasty, we’ll be able to continue meeting on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights as well as hold a few classes. And let's be honest, in January February a fun class or group is much needed to lift our spirits.

There’s a new group starting in January that we’re looking forward to also, “Knitter’s Life List” and Monthly Show and Tell. This group will meet on the first Friday of every month - twice. The early/day time group will meet at 10 am and then we’ll have an evening group at 6 pm. That way, we’re hoping more of you can participate. It should be interesting to see if the two groups develop different personalities too.

This group is going to be loosely based on the book “Knitter’s Life List” by Gwen Steege. It is an 11 chapter book the is chock full of tips, ideas, tricks, and knitting miscellany. And each chapter is dedicated to a specific theme and includes a checklist of items related to that theme that have been compiled by Gwen and a group of knitters.

Each month’s meeting will correlate with a chapter - we’ll discuss that month’s theme, the checklists, and show off items related to it. For example, January’s theme (Chapter 1) is yarn. Qiviut is on the “knit with” list for that chapter. So if you happen to have a small ball of qiviut in your stash, you may want to bring it so that we may all ooh and ahh appropriately. Chapter 3 covers sweaters - so for March, one of the checklist items is steeking. If you’ve done this, you might want to bring in your sweater as part of the show and tell.

The dates and themes of the “Knitter’s Life List” and Monthly Show and Tell are as follows:

January 6th - Yarn

February 3rd - Know How

March 3rd - Sweaters

April 7th - Socks

May 5th - Scarves and Shawls

June 2nd - Hats

July 7th - Gloves and Mittens

August 4th - Bags

September 8th - Kids’ Items

October 6th - Home Decor

November 3rd - Fiber Love

Just because it’s a knitter’s life list doesn’t mean crocheters are not welcome to attend, quite the opposite actually. Being a “show and tell”, there may be bits of the book that don’t apply, but the themes are often adaptable to crochet, we just were unable to find a comparable book about crocheting. So please, don’t let the title keep you away!

And as always, you’re welcome to bring your current project and simply use this time as a chance to get caught up while kibitzing with other stitchers and admiring the work they brought in for the show and tell portion of the group. Besides, it’s a Friday night thing, bring some munchies and plan on a night out (we do live dangerously, don’t we!).

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