Winter is coming.

Yes, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, I’ve been reading the series, but regardless, the statement holds true. What does that mean for yarnistas? Stockpiling! Project planning! Shopping and stash busting! Pattern reading! Classes and workshops! Yarn petting!

To help with the stockpiling, planing, stash busting, and yarn petting, there are currently a few yarns on sale (30% off) - Ardent Fingering (Bamboo/ cotton blend), Our Back 40 (alpaca), Belfast Linen Blend, Riveting (cotton), Cotton Fleece (Cotton/wool blend), Lamb’s Pride Superwash in Worsted and Bulky (Washable wool). These are on sale, while supplies last, and in stock items only, making it a great time to inventory your stash and fill in some gap, complement colors, or supplement the inventory to complete that long awaited project.

Why the sale? Because we need more room! We are always trying to expand and offer new items while maintaining a few staples that you can always expect to find at Darn Yarn. And some of those staples are on the list for expansion, meaning, we’d love to be able to offer them in all the available colorways - think of it, a beautiful rainbow of yarn in the lines that you and I turn to time and time again - Wayfarer, Nature Spun Fingering and Worsted, Tatamy and Tatamy Tweed, Perfection, and Shepherd’s Shades.

If you’re more inclined to attend classes or workshops in the winter, we’ve been working on improving our class offerings, which is a difficult task, to say the least. Please check the calendar for upcoming classes and events at Darn Yarn. Many of the classes and workshops have a registration fee. These fee cover the instructors’ knowledge and time, and if indicated, materials. Registration is easy, either stop in at Darn Yarn, or give us a call to be added to the roster.

Should you need some assistance planning your next project, there are a number of workshop style classes coming up over the next few months. These workshops are designed to teach you a new method or stitch while working on a specific project. For example, the Nymphalidea Shawl workshop is a great introduction to lace work - the finished shawl isn’t what you think of as lace, but it does incorporate some basic lace stitches and basic color work, so this workshop is a great place for the intrepid beginner or intermediate knitter to learn a few new tricks.

And if like me, you just look forward to finding time to work on a project so you can move on to the next one on your list, our weekly Sit-N-Stitch groups are now in full swing- they offer a great opportunity to pencil in stitching on your busy weekly agenda. We meet on Tuesdays at 10 am - 12 pm (or later) and/or Thursdays at 5 pm - 7 pm (or later). These groups are open to all fiber fans, whether you crochet, knit, spin, weave, or something in between, you’re welcome at Sit-N-Stitch. Bring your project and complete a few rows in the company of other yarnistas.

So yes, winter is coming. But here’s to being prepared, or at least pretending that we’re prepared.

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