Event & Group Spotlight: weekly groups start in October!

Starting in October, just in time for the frenzy of holiday gift stitching, two of Darn Yarn’s regular monthly groups will become weekly groups. Basically, there will be a crochet/knitting group that meets every Tuesday morning from 10 am - noon (or later) and one every Thursday from 5 pm - 7 pm (or later). They will appear on the calendar as “Sit-N-Stitch” or “Thursday Night Stitches”

We’re trying to use the terms “stitches” or “stitcher” because groups like these are frequently referred to as “knitting groups”. That can be misleading, both of these groups are open groups. All stitchers, weavers, spinners, and fiber crafters are welcome at these two groups; you don’t have to be a knitter. We don’t care if you’re crocheting, knooking, spinning, or working any other form of yarn/fiber craft. Just bring your supplies and current project and pull up a chair.

Also, all levels are welcome to attend. What that means is that at any given group you may find a novice knitter working on their second scarf, an expert crocheter working on their own sweater pattern using one of their favorite stitches, and a number of us who fall somewhere in between novice and expert.

Because of the various levels usually in attendance, groups are a great place for beginner stitchers to gain confidence, practice in a supportive environment, and learn some of the tricks and glean some basic knowledge - the stuff that many of us seasoned stitchers forget isn’t common knowledge, but often isn’t found in how-to information. Groups are also a great place to meet fellow stitchers, and sometimes create new friendships, after all, you already have something in common, fiber; and in general fiber fans are a friendly bunch.

A number of you mentioned that you’d like a weekly group; because it’s easier to remember a weekday and time than it is to remember when a monthly group meets. Since you don’t need to attend every week to participate, if something comes up, or you have prior regular obligations - who doesn’t have a monthly meeting or two? - you can attend those events and still make it to the stitching group on the other weeks. I suspect that as time goes on, an attendance pattern at each group will emerge, which could create two groups with distinctly different personalities.

Also, starting this format at this time of the year allows everyone to purposefully set aside some time each week to work a few rows of the gifts we plan on giving in a few months (gasp!). And as mentioned, if something comes up and you are unable to attend one week, you still have the other weeks to get some work done.

You may have noticed the “(or later)” after each of the time frames given. That’s because we all like to know how long something is, but things like this often run over, and in this case, that’s ok. If for some reason (“I just need to finish this section, only 4 more rows!”) you need more time at either of the groups, we’re not going to kick you out. Stay as long as you need (Ok, if you’re still here at 10 pm on Thursday, we’’ll probably kick you out. ). As for the Thursday group, we close at 7, but that doesn’t mean the group can’t run until 8 or 9. We simply need to keep a regular closing time for public knowledge, and that remains 7 pm on Thursdays.

Also, as the dynamics and regular attendees unfold, we encourage bringing snacks to share or ordering in dinner, bringing show and tell items or even movies or videos to watch. We’re even considering watching a sitcom on Thursday nights - something like “The Office” or “30 Rock” where you don’t necessarily need to see every episode to follow along. We’re hoping that as the weeks progress these groups become a place for each of us to decompress just a bit each week, because sometimes it really is nice to spend a few hours away from coworkers, associates, and even family members, in a setting that is “just yours”.

So, pencil it in, mark your calendars, set a reminder - starting October 4th at 10 am and October 6th at 5 pm, you can join a weekly stitching group at Darn Yarn.

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