Now you can rent a wheel or loom.

We realize that a number of you would like to weave more often, but just don’t have a loom. Some of you would love a spinning wheel, but need more practice and would like to give a wheel a trial run before you make a purchase. Then there’s one regular guest who can spin on a wheel, but none of hers function properly, making wheel spinning very frustrating - yet, from time to time, she still wants to spin a larger quantity than her spindles will allow.

So, starting in September, Darn Yarn guests will be able to use our spinning wheels and (soon to arrive) table top looms for a rental fee. This will allow you more time than a simple “go ahead, sit down and try it!” session when you’re visiting the shop. It will also allow guests to complete full projects while experiencing the functionality of the tools we offer.

Tools available for rental will include all spinning wheels on the floor, Schacht 20” 4 shaft table top weaving looms, Cricket Rigid Heddle Looms, and a 4 ½ yard warping board.

So what are the fees? They’re pretty basic. Except for the warping board, fees are as follows:

$10 / hour

$30 / day

$75 / week

The warping board rental is simply $5 / warp.

The biggest catch is that the equipment may not leave Darn Yarn. You’ll need to work on your projects during regular business hours (which include extended hours for classes and groups). Also, and this should be common sense, you’ll need to supply your own roving, fiber, yarn, and supplies for the project on which you will be working. Of course, we’ll be happy to help you choose your supplies from our offerings. We might even have a few ideas to offer in the way of colors, fiber blends, or experiments.

One of the biggest perks of trying the equipment this way is that, should you decide to purchase the equipment, your rental fees will go toward up to 10% of the value of the equipment you choose to purchase (some exclusions apply. Ask at shop for more details).

There’s a lot more to it, of course. For example, classes that require us of the equipment get first priority. But this is the basic information. If you’d like more information, or are interested in trying something out, stop by the shop and we can answer your questions and get you started, or schedule your usage time.

This is a great way to try out the equipment, work on that project you've been thinking about but for which you don't have the proper equipment, or if you've wanted to participate in the weaving or spinning groups but don't have the equipment or can't bring yours to the group.

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