Product Spotlight: Buttons and Bags

As you know, Darn Yarn specializes in American made items for crocheters, knitters, spinners, and weavers. What that means is that we try and source as many notions, tools, yarns, roving, and supplies from U.S. sources as possible. Some things are harder to find than others, and that's ok. we sometimes can make an exception for things like stitch markers, tape measures, and small notions, if we just can't find a reliable U.S. source.

However, we get super excited when we are able to source odd items from a U.S. manufacturer - like bag hardware and finishings, and buttons!

We recently picked up Durango Buttons, they're located in Oklahoma. While not all of their buttons are American made, many are. The ones that are not American made are made by women's cooperatives, village and cottage industries, and small businesses. They also take care when sourcing thier materials, and use only sustainable resources; and they encourage safe working conditions, including a work environment that is free of hazardous pollutants. Which means their buttons are free of those things too.

Of course I picked up a few of the American made buttons, but I also got a few that were just plain fun - like the baseballs, whales, and abalone butterflies. The great thing is that these buttons are also sold as eaches - which means no matter how many you need, you don't need to purchase a card with extras!

Also, as you may have heard Noni Designs has switched gears and no longer offers bag patterns, hardware, or kits. Which for many of you, leaves a hole in your project list and finishing notions. And since fulling bags is one of our favorite creative ways to play with yarn, we started looking for another options, which led us to pick up a similar line of bag handles, clasps, and leather goods from Bittersweet Baskets in Missouri.

We started with a few of their handles, in basic black and brown, as well as bag corner protectors. They offer a large assortment of handle options - attachment methods, colors, and lengths. So when they do arrive, if you don't see what you need, let us know. As the season progresses, we will try to order as your projects require - especially since we're thinking about doing a bag CAL/KAL for the holidays.

If you're curious as to what other items are American made, just ask! If the yarn bin tag has a red star on it - it's made in America! Recently we added a U.S. map to the wall behind the register. We've plotted all the current U.S. suppliers on it and will add new ones as they arrive! It's a silly, fun way to visually help us reinforce our mission or offering our fiber fans with U.S. sourced items.

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