Bags, totes, pouches, clutch, duffel, backpack, rucksack, containers, organizers, holder, baskets, or cases. Whatever you call them, as artisans and crafters we just can’t seem to have enough ways to store our goodies. How many of us keep the hooks and needles we're using in a case, in a project bag, in a bigger bag? How many little bags are in your big bag? I bet you’ve got a notions case or two - or more. Why is this?

Granted in my case, I’m an organizational junkie. I know you can’t really tell by the space behind the register or the state of my home on occasion. But it’s true. I like everything to have a place, and to be in it’s place. And I think that carries over into my fiber supplies. I have a tote for projects I work on mostly at home, one for things I work on mostly in the shop, one for spinning, one for needlefelting, and a vintage hardshell suitcase just for all the notions that go along with these crafts. And in that suitcase? More bags! One for long single point knitting needles, one for crochet hooks, one for double pointed knitting needles, one for weaving tools, one for miscellany.

I’m not alone. There are many of you out there who just love a good bag - by my definition, a good bag is one that serves it's purpose well. DYNT stocks a few bags, notions pouches, and organizers. Recently we picked up the Ashland Sky line of craft bags and totes. This is a line of bags made in the USA at a training facility for people with disabilities. They are made from frosted vinyl, which means you can see through them, and nylon pack cloth. These bags have been met with great reviews. They come in a variety of sizes, from a small notions size, all the way up to a large tote.

Recently, someone asked if DYNT had any good double point needle (DPN) organizers. I had to say no. However, I do have a couple of tips for organizing your hooks and needles, some are handy for inside your project bag, others are more "permanent" solutions.

  • Toothbrush holders! Put a small piece of tape over any holes, so smaller items don’t slide out - but they work great for crochet hooks and DPNs.

  • If you, or someone you know, carries an Epipen, it most likely comes in a protective plastic tube with a flip top lid. These also make great crochet hook and DPNs containers. When my Epipen expires, I dispose of it properly, and save the tube for later use as needle or hook carrying case in my project bags. (Shown in photo on right.)

  • If you can find a vintage flatware wrap, they are great for storing crochet hooks and DPNs. My grandmother sent me a few of them - she used them to pad the other items in the box she sent me. It took me a while to figure out what they were, but I labeled each pocket and viola! I’ve got a pretty unique storage roll. I do have a few in the shop that have been embellished, or you can find some on etsy or ebay. (Shown in photo.)

  • For circular knitting needles, if you have the space, an over the door shoe organizer works well.

  • If you need at home storage for your crochet hooks, and you like looking at them (and really, who doesn’t?), try a hat pin holder or flower frog in a shorter vase. These days you can even find floral frog tops for mason jars!

However you organize your tools and projects, having the right item in the right place when you need it is always a good feeling, and bags and containers of all sorts make it easier to stay organized.

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