Event & Group Spotlight: Secret Sunday Spin-In

This Sunday is our monthly Secret Sunday Spin-In, so I thought I'd take a moment and share a bit of information regarding this monthly group.

First of all, many of you often ask me what "Spin-In" means. Think of it as a knitting group, but this one is for spinners! That means people bring their wheel(s) or spindles and we all work on spinning yarn! For some of us, it might be the only time during the month that we get a chance to work on our spinning. For most of us it's a great chance to share what we're working on, see others spin and learn a few tricks or get some tips, and most importantly, it's a chance to inspire each other! Being as it's a group, it's open to all spinners, from beginners to professionals, Saxony style wheels, to supported spindles, young teens to retirees. You're all welcome to attend.

Please note - this is not a spinning class. Yes, we learn a lot from one another, but if you want to learn to spin, we suggest you watch the schedule for actual classes.

If it helps, compare a spin-in to a specialty or a volunteer organization - I'll use the Master Gardener program as an example. To become a Master Gardener you need to take a special course, and get a specialized education, in this example that would be a spinning class. But when you graduate from the Master Gardener class, you're welcome to attend the meetings and group functions, where there may be novices and experts, but you're all sharing the group experience, sharing your specialized knowledge on tree care and learning from others that may know more about herbs than you do. That's what a spin-in is like - we all have a basic spinning knowledge, but we come together and share the bits that we might have gleaned along the way that others didn't. Some are phenomenal supported spinners, some are expert rare fiber spinners, but we all make yarn!

Despite the name, there really isn't anything secret about the group, it's held every month on the fourth Sunday, the secret part is that DYNT is not regularly open on Sundays. And posting or writing our hours as "Closed on Sundays, unless it's the fourth Sunday of the month" or "Open on the fourth Sunday of the month, closed all other Sundays" just gets confusing for the general public!

So the secret part is simply that only the regulars or those that check the calendar know that we are open on that one Sunday (unless it's a holiday, like Easter, which fell on the fourth Sunday this year). Which brings up another point - yes we are open for business during this group. We are open during any group, it's just that this particular group is held on a day when we normally are not open.

For a little bit of backstory, after one of the Spinzilla* spin-ins, it was suggested by a number of the spinners in attendance that we hold more regular spin-ins, since they were so much fun! After talking it over with a few of them, between shift work, 9 to 5ers, family caregivers, stay at home moms, Sundays seemed to be the most universally available option - even if people couldn't make it every time, they might be able to make it often enough. Then when Lisa started attending Quaker Meeting on the fourth Sunday of the month at Sherwood Oaks in Cranberry, it seemed like a logical step, she simply heads over to the shop after meeting and opens up once a month for the Spin-In.

So, if you are a spinner, what will you be spinning this weekend? We hope you'll be joining us on Sunday.

*Spinzilla is an annual international spinning competition hosted by TNNA. DYNT hosts a team, and each team competes in the competition to see which team can spin the most yarn in a week. The event is held in October, and DYNT will be hosting a team again this year, each team is limited in size, so keep your eyes and ears open for information regarding registration!

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