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You may know that DYNT offers classes and workshops. And you’ve probably heard of Painting Parties, Make and Take Kids’ Craft Parties, or even just the generic term “Art Party”. To be honest, I don’t know when Art Parties became a thing, but sometimes trends sneak up on us; and you probably didn’t realize that Art Parties have always been an option at DYNT, we just didn’t know there was an actual name for it!

Think back to your childhood parties, there were games, things to do, food. My sister and I often had handmade pinatas, sidewalk chalk, or went to a roller rink or ice skating arena. And from what I hear, kids’ birthday parties haven’t lost this ideal - as a matter of fact, some of them seem to have gotten a bit out of hand with themes, SWAG, and more. I mean really, give a few kids a refrigerator box, some crayons, craft glue, and glitter or construction paper and stand back! They’ll probably have more fun, for a longer period of time, than they would have in a bouncy castle.

But I digress. The bigger question here is why should the kids get to have all the fun? Don’t grown ups still want to do fun things with their friends? You bet! Classes and workshops are more fun when completed with friends - at DYNT, we’re well aware of that. So if you can round up a few friends (even if it’s just a pair of you), and have a rough idea about what you’d like to learn, we can try to come up with a class, time, and date that works for all of us.

Think of this as an Art Party option. If you and your sisters regularly take a Saturday off and do something together, why not schedule a felting class? You and your girlfriends looking for a “Girls’ Night Out” idea that doesn't involve a bar or dance club? We could schedule a private class for you; BYOB and some munchies and you’ve got a unique, fun, one of a kind “Girls’ Night Out”. And based on previous experience, there is usually lots of laughter.

As for cost, that would be determined by your choice of project. Most of the time there will be a per person fee - to cover instruction and materials. But the amount will depend on the project you’d like to do. Obviously, an all day weaving workshop will cost more than a 2 - 4 hour felting project. But most of the time, the cost will be in-line with what it would have cost you to take the class as a regularly scheduled class through DYNT. There is no additional fee for the private part of the class - there are exceptions, but unless you schedule them at a difficult time, this shouldn’t be and issue.

Sounds like a good idea, but not sure what kind of class you want? We can help figure that out too. Needle or wet felting workshops are always fun, and easy to make seasonally themed. Basic knitting, tunisian crochet, or crochet is also possible. Spinning on a drop spindle can work well. If you all know how to crochet or knit, a “square swap” is always interesting (works kinda like a cookie swap, but everyone goes home with a scarf or blanket pieced together from everyone’s squares - this one requires prior homework). Pin loom weaving projects are also quick and fun.

Feel free to contact the shop ( or 724-473-0983) or Ms. Spike ( to start planning your very own DYNT Art Party.

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