Our People

DYNT is mostly a one woman operation, but that doesn't mean there aren't a number of people working behind the scenes, supporting, and assisting as needed.  These are the people you are likely to meet on a regular basis at DYNT.

Lisa K.

Lisa is the owner of DYNT.  She's who you will find behind the counter most of the time and occasionally teaches a class as well.  Lisa is a "jack of all trades, master of none"; she crochets, knits, spins, needle felts and does some free style embroidery and a bit of sewing.  She comes from a long line - from her Mom to her Great Grandmother - of fiber crafters and artisans (crocheters, knitters, and seamstresses) and enjoys most any art or craft that involves texture.


Alyson S. aka "Spike"

An art teacher by trade and profession, Spike serves as the Class Coordinator at DYNT.  She helps with scheduling, class structure and material, events, and workshops and often teaches classes and workshops.  She knits and spins and enjoys pretty much all needle and fiber arts. She is a third generation artist by trade and works in pottery as well as being the Art/Set/Make up Director for her school musicals.”

Lissa N.

Lissa lives and works in Harmony, has a fiber arts education, and is a fiber artist by trade.  She often teaches weaving and spinning classes at Darn Yarn.

Sophia & Lizzy

Sophia and Lizzy are high school students who help Lisa with general cleaning, stocking, and physical things around the shop.  Lizzy is often around on Tuesday afternoons and Sophia offers help on Thursday afternoons and evenings.  

Dave K.

Lisa's hubby, you will find Dave at the shop on weekends and in summer when Lisa's out sick or away from home.  He's also the occasional salesman, maintenance man, inventory counter, and general office support.  And yes, he just might be wearing a helmet when you meet him.

Mr. Charlie Brown

Charlie came to live with Lisa and Dave in May 2017.  He will make appearances at Darn Yarn as his schedule allows, most often when he's got appointments or will be left at home alone longer than he should.

He's friendly, young (3 yo in 2017) and loves people.  He, like Jasmine, will be kept on a leash at all times and will most often be found behind the counter.

Resident Shop Dog

The Crew

There are many others that I should thank by name, but I'm sure I'll forget someone, so I'd like to mention that DYNT relies on a small herd of people who serve as instructors, demonstrators, and emergency and additional sales help as the need arises.    DYNT couldn't exist without these people.

Jasmine, aka "The Jasmanian Devil"

(April 2003 - May 2016)

Many small shops have shop dogs, and Jasmine was ours.  She's was an elderly airedale terrier - 13!  She would come to the shop with Lisa from time to time and often served as a reluctant hat or cowl model.  Lisa tried to keep her behind the counter, but this became more difficult as she became more uncomfortable.  


She enjoyed greeting everyone, including the little kids, and during porch spin-ins she would sleep on the porch between spinning wheels.  


Sadly, Jas passed away on May 8th, 2016.  She had a tumor in her belly that we were unaware of, and it ruptured suddenly.

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