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About Us...

We believe that handmade, creative endeavours deserve high quality tools and supplies.  If you're going to invest your time and talent into that heirloom piece, shouldn't you use the best supplies possible?  (And that doesn't always mean the most expensive.)

Darn Yarn Needles and Thread (DYNT) is a small fiber arts shop located in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  

We carry yarn for knitting and crocheting, roving for spinning and needle felting, spinning and weaving supplies, books, needles and hooks, and a small selection of embroidery supplies.

We do our best to source American made products when ever possible because we believe it's vitally important to buy American made products whenever we can.


  • Simply put, buying American made products keeps Americans employed.  

  • Buying American made products helps keep our economy strong.

  • We are also helping maintain a "green" economy because the footprint (the impact a product's manufacturing and production process has on the planet) remains smaller.  Basically, the product requires less energy from the first step in it's creation to the final end consumer.


However, it's not always possible to find everything from American suppliers and manufacturers.  For those items we can't find domestically produces, we try to source Fair Trade organizations, or eco-friendly options if that's possible. 


Two good examples of non-domestically manufactured items that we carry are knitting needles and silk.  Finding affordable US made metal needles and hooks can be challenging, as can silk, because there are not many silk worm farms in the U.S..

If you're unfamiliar with the term "Fair Trade", Fair Trade organizations pay their employees a living wage.  Some provide education for the employees' children or offer extra services to their employees that many of us take for granted - like meals or basic health care.  


We also stock organic, or environmentally friendly ("green") options whenever possible too.  "Green" products are products whose manufacturing does less harm to the environment than their conventional counterparts.  Currently, there is a lot of "Greenwashing" in the marketplace; so we are very careful as to which "green" items we carry.  Sometimes these items need to be imported from very distant lands, and it's possible to argue that the fuel and energy required to get the item to you negates any benefits of the "green" processing.  Sometimes, the base source is renewable, but the processing is a concern - bamboo yarn for example, the bamboo itself is renewable, but to make it into yarn, a number of chemicals are required.


We hope to help make all of your handmade items extra special showpieces that are worthy of the time it takes you to make them.