About Us...

Darn Yarn Needles and Thread (DYNT) is a small fiber arts shop located in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  

We carry yarn for knitting and crocheting, roving for spinning and needle felting, spinning and weaving supplies, books, needles and hooks, and a small selection of embroidery supplies.

We do our best to source American made products whenever possible because we believe it's vitally important to buy American made products whenever we can.


​However, it's not always possible to find everything from American suppliers and manufacturers.  For those items we can't find domestically produces, we try to source Fair Trade organizations, or eco-friendly options if that's possible. 

We hope to help make all of your handmade items extra special showpieces that are worthy of the time it takes you to make them.

We believe that handmade, creative endeavours deserve high quality tools and supplies.  If you're going to invest your time and talent into that heirloom piece, shouldn't you use the best supplies possible?  (And that doesn't always mean the most expensive.)


After years of working in retail, IT, accounting, event planning, and both the non-profit and the corporate sector, the thought of running and owning a brick and mortar shop was not that far fetched.  Having grown up in an artistically encouraging family, it wasn't much of a leap to imagine the shop having a creative focus either.  


The name, "Darn Yarn Needles and Thread" just popped into my head during a trip to Erie.  It made me giggle; and it stuck.  I started saying things like "When I open Darn Yarn Needles and Thread I can pack whatever I want for lunch." Eventually some   

retail space in my neighborhood became available, and I started planning and seriously thinking about opening a shop.


Around this time, my husband's Aunt Sue passed away.  Aunt Sue was an incredible woman.  She was an official quilter for the state of West Virginia.  She owned a quilt shop.  She reupholstered and refinished furniture.  We often had craft related conversations and would share our latest projects with each other - it didn't matter if it was sewing, painting, gardening, or something in between.


Shortly after her passing, my husband asked how much I would need to purchase some opening inventory.  I gave him the number I had been working with.  It was the same amount as his inheritance from Aunt Sue.  We both felt that Aunt Sue was giving us her blessing, and that we should take the leap and open the shop.     



Darn Yarn Needles and Thread first opened its doors for business in March, 2010.  By 2012 we outgrew the original location on Main Street in Butler and relocated in January 2013 to Harmony, PA.  In 2017 we expanded into a "back-room" then in January of 2018 a larger space in our building became available.  So we "shuffled" the shop to this new, larger still, space in the same building.

There are two items in the shop that are here to remind me of Aunt Sue: some pot-holders and a painting.  


The pot-holders were made by Aunt Sue from scraps left over from the many quilts that she made.  She often made these types of pot-holders and gave them away as gifts.  The ones in my shop are the last ones she gave me. 


The painting is by a friend of ours, Nate Burtner.  It is based on a quote from Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  The quote is a significant reminder of Aunt Sue's ties to her family.  She and some of the other aunts and uncles (her siblings) would use this quote instead of "Goodbye" whenever they would part ways (they all lived far away from each other).  So it's my little reminder that while Aunt Sue is physically gone, we didn't really say goodbye, her legacy lives on in every stitch my customers make.

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